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Dean's Greeting
Dean's Greeting
When our engineering college was converted to a general university in 2012, its educational philosophy and goals were newly established. We are spearheading the rapid progress of Seoul National University of Science and Technology by achieving the bold integration and convergence of academic fields that demand new era. We are now composed of six departments: Mechanical system and Design Engineering, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Safety Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture Engineering and Architecture Program. Our educational aim is to produce talented graduates who take leading roles in shaping future technology and a knowledge-based society.

For this purpose, we are cultivating engineering students who have all of the following elements: creative thinking and problem-solving ability, talent for applying specialized knowledge, comprehensive design ability, the capacity to acquire information knowledge, and the ability to adapt to a globalized society.

In addition to producing talented individuals, we are also devoted to research. We have been continuously publishing in numerous renowned international journals and have substantially increased our research funds. Our university is working to obtain accreditation in various areas of engineering education and architectural design, and we can confidently state that these efforts have resulted in great achievements. We also consistently promote various educational and student activity programs to nurture the character, leadership, and professional ethics required of engineering students. In addition, we are actively operating international educational programs to produce global leaders.

These diverse programs, designed to nurture talented individuals in a range of fields, have resulted in a high employment rate for graduates; this rate has been over 80% for five consecutive years, and our school holds the highest rank for employment among all four year universities in the country.

Our engineering college selects excellent students, who receive high-quality education that allows them to grow into outstanding individuals. We will continue to develop as an excellent educational institution and leading engineering college, producing individuals who make great contributions to the country and society.

Thank you.
Dean of College of Engineering Lee, changno
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